“Why can’t we just look at the grades we give students to see what they have learned?

NR523 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques in Education Week 1 Discussion DQ1 Assessment, Evaluation, and Grading Welcome to the Chamberlain College of Nursing Curriculum Committee. You are a new faculty member, and, along with Dr. John Becker, you have just been assigned to start a 2-year term on the Curriculum Committee. The committee chair is Dr. Janet Stewart. Dr. Nancy Smith and Dr. Patricia Huber are in their second year of serving. Your school is facing a reaccreditation next year, and the dean has charged the committee with writing the school’s self-study. This will involve summarizing the state of your school based on an assessment of student learning, an evaluation of the school’s strengths and challenges, and a plan for continuing improvement. The committee meets in the president’s conference room in the Nightingale building, an indication of how important the work of this committee is. Being new, John asks an interesting question: “Why can’t we just look at the grades we give students to see what they have learned? They tell us whether the student passes or fails. Why does the faculty have to waste time on all of this paperwork?” What would you tell him?DQ2 Levels of Outcomes. Susan Peterson has been on the Curriculum Committee for a year. In preparation for the accreditation visit, she has been charged with making sure that the outcomes for the BSN courses are aligned with the Program Outcomes as well as the lesson objectives, test blueprints, and assignments. She also wants to make sure the levels of outcomes reflect the levels of your curriculum, from simple to complex. How will you approach this task? Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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