What will you bring to the meeting?

NR523 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques in Education Week 2 Discussion DQ1 Reliability and Validity of Grading The dean visits the Curriculum Committee and has a concern because students have been complaining that the grading in the Level 2 medical-surgical course is unfair. They say a student’s grade on a paper is dependent on which faculty member does the grading. What would you recommend to the faculty to improve the reliability and validity of their grading? In what way is this problem an ethical and legal issue?DQ2 Competency-Based Assessment The university has identified several general education competencies for the college graduate, such as critical thinking, information literacy, communication ability, and mathematical ability. The Curriculum Committee decides to review its outcome statements for the nursing curriculum and provide comparable competency statements for nursing graduates. Dr. Stewart asks the committee members to meet and each bring a definition of competency, comparing competency statements with outcome statements. Then she asks each member to identify and defend at least two priority competencies for graduates of the BSN. What will you bring to the meeting? Include your reasoning for this decision.   Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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