What is a risk factor of stroke that you CANNOT change?

NU621 Advanced Pathophysiology Unit 6 Quiz 61What is a risk factor of stroke that you CANNOT change? Weight High Blood Pressure Age Tobacco Use2Besides the tests such as CT scans or MRI that are necessary for establishing the diagnosis of ischemic stroke, which is the one test that may preclude the initiation of IV tPA, if IV tPA is appropriate? Blood glucose CK-MBCRPTroponin3The first critical decision point in the suspected stroke algorithm is? Consideration of fibrinolytic therapy General assessment and stabilization of the patient Performance and assessment of a non-contrast CT to differentiate between hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke Review of risks and benefits of fibrinolytic therapy with patient and/or family4Which of the following are signs of a stroke? Improved mood No symptoms Pain that radiates from the chest to the left arm Slurred speech5What is a risk factor of stroke that you CAN change? Race Age Family History High Cholesterol6Patients must be treated with fibrinolytic therapy no more than 3 to 4.5 hours from the onset of symptoms. TrueFalseTrue7Approximately what percentage of strokes are ischemic in nature, and thus eligible for fibrinolytic therapy if the patient qualifies?80 7060508Most strokes are caused by ischemia. True False9Fibrinolytic therapy may be used for hemorrhagic strokes. True False10A stroke is a sudden onset of focal neurologic deficit True False Purchase this Tutorial.  https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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