What are the nurse’s options

Nursing Ethics #Question and Answer Make each paragraph 6 to 10 sentences. You will have point deduction for answers with fewer than 6 sentences of longer than 10 sentences. 1. (5 points) Discuss in view of historical perspective and current laws. What does it mean to be “disabled”? What are employers’ obligations towards new hires? 2. (5points) In “normal times”, what is the process for a nurse (RN/LPN/LVN) to leave Texas and be obtain permanent work in Florida? 3. (5points) A nursing unit in Wise-Town nursing home has many staff and patients infected with Covid-19. The company hired “outside nurses” to provide adequate staffing for the unit. Analyze the situation where the managing team of Wise-Town may be held liable for mistakes made by those “agency” nurses. 4. (5points) A nurse is asked to float to a new unit to cover for loss of staff due to recent infections of Covid-19. Patients and staff are turning positive for the new infection. What are the nurse’s options, how about the law, how about the ethics? ***Remember to use the appropriate chapters in your book to analyze the reports. Use the book for reference.  The PDF Ebook https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Go_Z4wT2TMuxWy21vATy3v2ZP-Ih06G4   Purchase this Tutorial, https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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