Navigating health insurance can be difficult

HCA:430 Class & Need Help! Unit 2 Assignment: The Insurance Connection Due to the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry, navigating health insurance can be difficult, even for those with years of experience. Although these changes occur frequently the constant of what is a Third-Party Payer, Managed Care Plans, Coding, and key reform remain. In this assignment, you will identify certain characteristics of 2 private and 2 public insurers. In addition, you will present unique characteristics of each, including the managed care options found under each plan.   For each plan you will provide their: name and public or private designation demographic served by the plan plan types offered funding source website address for plan7-10 sentence overview of each plan which provides detailed information on its origin, affiliations, brand/logo, and distinctive features. Assignment:  Using the provided Insurance Connection template, research Third Party Payers and complete the table. Be sure to follow APA guidelines, use complete sentences, and present your information in a well detailed collegiate manner.  Plan Name/ Public or Private Demographic Served by Plan Plan Types Offered (HMO, PPO, POS, etc)Plan is funded by? Website address for plan details Plan Overview Purchase this Tutorial.

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