Identify the size of grant or budget allocation needed to develop and implement the program.

DNP8010 Management in Advanced Contemporary Nursing Unit 9 Assignment  Final Presentation With Budget Overview For this assignment, you will create a final draft of the presentation you have been working on throughout this course. To complete your presentation, prepare a budget for your project. The ability to compile a clear and concise budget to support your project is an important step toward having your project funded. The budget needs to include the costs of any related items that will be needed for the project. The important question to ask in the budgeting phase is, “What will be needed in relation to capital to accomplish the goals and objectives of the project?” It is important to take into account the cost of staffing, the cost of products, publications, and equipment. Budget Considerations As you begin preparing a budget, in your Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators textbook, review Chapter 8, “Procuring and Sustaining Resources,” pages 167–203. Explore the multiple tables that structure budget development. In the budget that you prepare for your presentation: Identify the costs associated with the proposed project. Include direct, indirect, fixed, and variable costs. Justify the costs. Identify the size of grant or budget allocation needed to develop and implement the program. Identify a potential funding source within the organization or an external funding source. Include your project budget in spreadsheet format in your presentation. Putting It All Together The presentation is to be your executive summary for your quality improvement project and should provide a high-level overview of the project you have developed throughout the course with a macro to micro lens. In your presentation, synthesize the following elements: Balanced scorecard. Strategic plan. Needs assessment. Feedback from stakeholders. Proposed QI plan. Budget. Your presentation should be designed to be presented to the executive leadership of the organization. Use PowerPoint or similar presentation software. Purchase this Tutorial.

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