Identify a health indicator for which your state ranks low

NURS6710 Public Health Nursing Theory and Practice Week 9 Discussion Health Indicators and Health Disparities Public health nurses play an important role in addressing the health needs identified during the assessment process. Only by close examination of health data can health professionals identify health disparities and take steps to address them. Numerous sources of community-level health data are available to guide public health nurses as they partner with communities in the pursuit of health for all. It is vital that all public health professionals have an understanding of the health status of their city, county, region, state, and nation, as well as global health issues of concern. This week, you will analyze health indicators for your own community, identify potential health disparities seen in your own area, and then compare your findings with your classmates from across other localities. For this Discussion, you will examine multiple localities to identify health disparities within and across states for a given health indicator. To Prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources. Take the Health Equity Quiz found on the Unnatural Causes website. Research health indicators (outcomes) for your state, city, and/or county. Research a state other than your own that is similar demographically with higher health indicators. By Day 3Post a health indicator for which your state ranks high and explain why you think your state ranks high on this indicator. Then, identify a health indicator for which your state ranks low and explain why you think your state ranks low on this indicator. Compare your findings to a state that is similar to yours demographically but has higher indicators. Explain why you think this state is achieving higher health indicators than yours. Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses. By Day 6Respond to at least two of your colleagues by comparing your state to your colleagues’ states, offering insights on your findings. Then, explain what this information might mean in regard to current and future public health nursing practice.  Purchase this Tutorial.

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