Identify a current nursing issue important to you and your practice.

NURS3375 Health Policy & Legal Aspects Module 1 Assignment  Legislator E-mail Exercise To take a proactive role in nursing policy, you will prepare an email to your legislator about a current nursing issue.  You must first identify your legislator. Then you will write a concise, professionally worded e-mail to one of the state-level legislators about a current nursing issue that is important to you.  You will: 1.  Find the legislator of the state you are licensed in.  You will only write your email to one legislator, even if many are listed. You must only use the legislator in the state you are licensed in. 2.  Complete the issue description and action plan section prior to composing the email as to organize your thoughts. 3.  Write your final e-mail in the space provided on this assignment document. 4.  You MUST include one personal example about how the issue personally affects your nursing career. 5.  Use at least 2 references from a scholarly article (dated within the past 5 years)with 2 in-text citations to support your thoughts and list in correct APA format. 6.  Upload and submit the email assignment you have prepared for your legislator into Canvas.It is not necessary for you to actually send your email to you legislator unless you choose to do so. Performance Objective:•             Identify the ways nurses can personally take part in shaping future nursing care. A.   Identifying Your Legislators: Find out who your legislators are at the state level. Use a google search to locate your states legislative system, or here is a helpful link in which you can identify your state-•  You only need one legislator that you are going to address your issue to.  If email information is not available then you would only place their physical address. In rare cases a physical address is not listed, please include webpage address. Record their names, titles, and contact information here: Name-Title-Contact Information-B. IssueDecription and Action Plan: Identify a current nursing issue important to you and your practice. To help you begin organizing your thoughts, complete the following section.1). State the nursing issue that affects you in 1-2 sentences. Now, list three reasons or examples as to how this nursing issues personally affects your practice.•            •            •            2). What help/assistance are you requesting from your legislator? Now, list three reasons or examples as to why this assistance would positively impact nurses.•            •            •            C.  Writing the E-mail: Write an e-mail explaining the importance of this issue to your practice. Limit the e-mail to one page. Choose details you developed above; use the ones that you think create the strongest and most persuasive e-mail. Remember to include a personal example from your practice.Follow the format of the sample e-mail located in the assignment instructions textbox. (The format must be strictly followed, especially for how to address the legislator and inclusion of your home address to classify you as a constituent.)Be sure to edit your e-mail for spelling, grammar, and word usage. Read it aloud, and/or get a friend or relative to read it and provide feedback. You will not be sending this to your legislator as part of this assignment but you may choose to send it to them on your own to make them aware of the issue you have addressed.For full credit, include two in-text citations from scholarly articles dated within past 5 years. “Scholarly artilces” are only classified as peer-reviewed journal articles are written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their fields.Magazine articles, administration documents, reports from different kinds of organizations, essays, opinion pieces, or Wikipedia resources are not scholarly articles.Write your final e-mail in the space provided below.Space for you to write your final e-mail to your legislator: Type directly below. D.  References:Please list references here. At least twofrom scholarly artilces (dated within the past 5 years) are required to support your thoughts. Please use correct APA formatting.  Purchase this Tutorial.

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