How would you conduct the rest of your visit with Jade?

NSG6330 Adult Health – Women Health Week 1 Discussion Tasks: Review the tool and then choose one of the following scenarios to discuss: Peter is in the twelfth grade. He scored a 6 on the CRAFFT. During the interview, you learn that he drinks five or more beers on Fridays and Saturdays and smokes marijuana several times a day. You also learn that he stopped drinking after being arrested for drinking in a parked car. However, he does not have any intention of stopping marijuana. He does not believe that marijuana is addictive and believes that he can quit at any time. Ralph, Peter’s mother, is sitting in the waiting room. What counseling, interventions, and follow-up will you suggest to Ralph? Phillip is sixteen years old. He comes to the office with his mother and father. Phillip’s CRAFFT score is 6. When speaking with Phillip, he says that he has agreed to allow his parents to bring him in to see someone as long as he can go in the room by himself and his parents will not find out anything that he says. Phillip admits to you that his drug problem is out of control and that he has started injecting. Discuss confidentiality and safety and your obligations as a provider. Jade is fifteen years old and answered “no” to all the three opening questions. Jade then answered “no” to the CAR question. How would you conduct the rest of your visit with Jade? Jade’s mother would like to know how she should talk to her daughter about drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure. How would you respond? Purchase this Tutorial.

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