How U.S. managed care compares to Sweden-Government

Sweden Health Care Research Paper 10 pg research paper excluding cover page and references. Must have 10 references with 8 being journal articles. Must include PowerPoint that correlates with paper’s strongest talking points. More information about the paper will be additionally added once the writer is chosen.  Such information includes -Background of country & health system/ Introduction of Sweden-How U.S. managed care compares to Sweden-Government involvement in the country-Managed Care solutions-Efficiency of Health Care-Types of Health Care facilities-3 basic principles-Universal Coverage-GDP-3 levels of govt-Primary Care (gatekeeping)-Elder Care-Life Expectancy, Age structure, Infant Mortality-Epidemiological Indicators (IMR, MMR, life expectancy, fertility rate, HIV/AIDS prevalence, obesity, etc.)-Overview of Managed Health Care System (health insurance costs, out-of-pocket expenses, number of hospitals in the country, etc.)– Health care Challenges ( inequality?, controversies of managed care?, disparities?, immigrants? refugees?, etc.)-Health Care progress Purchase this Tutorial.

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