Explain how this credibility helps to foster a community of trust.

NUR-674JW13 Journaling provides a valuable tool for recording, reflecting on, and reviewing your learning. This approach provides an opportunity for you to “connect the dots” and observe the relationships between and among activities, interactions, and outcomes. Unlike a personal journal of thoughts and feelings, this leadership journal is a record of your activities, assessments, and learning related to this academic experience. Journal entries should include a record of the number of hours spent with your nurse leader each week. Write a journal entry of 750-1,500 words on the subject of example, including the following: Practicum Activities Reflection: Provide observations and thoughts on the activities in your practicum setting during Topics 11-12.Application of Leadership: Describe how you have seen your preceptor show his or her credibility in the workplace. Explain how this credibility helps to foster a community of trust. Practicum Project Preparation: What measures have you put into place to measure successful outcomes for your project once implemented? Are these measures sustainable? Leadership Video Reflection: Reflect on at least two things you learned from the “Servant Leadership – Issue of Servant” video. Use the “Leadership Journal Template” to complete this assignment. PA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.  Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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