Examine the quality of your test items

NR523 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques in Education Week 2 Quiz  Question 1 (TCO 3) You are working with your colleague, Dr. Hunt, on a 100-point examination related to neonatal nursing. In the past, students have complained that this exam does not cover what has been taught in the classroom. What is the first thing you would say when deciding to improve the exam?  “We should examine our test blueprint to make sure we are basing our questions on the course objectives.”  “Maybe we need to decrease the number of chapters we are requiring students to read to prepare for the exam.”  “We should see how the scores on this exam relate to our standardized-exam scores.”  “We need to look at the types of questions we are asking. Maybe we need more multiple choice questions.” Question 2 (TCO 1) A student complains about the grade the student was awarded on a writing assignment. The student asks you to look at the paper again and reassign a grade. What should you do?  Tell the student that the assignment was graded with the rubric that had been provided in advance but that you have provided some feedback on the paper that should be helpful.  Tell the student that he is out of bounds by asking this question and should accept the grade he received.  Allow the student to rewrite the assignment, because he may not have understood the criteria.  Figuring you may have missed something the first time, review the writing assignment and find a few places to award more points. Question 3 (TCO 3) Your department chair has noted that the alpha reliability of your last two 20-item exams was rather low. What is the most important thing that you should consider when you evaluate your test?  Examine the quality of your test items.  Ask yourself whether the questions should be easier.  Make the examination a little longer.  Ask whether the questions should be more difficult. Question 4 (TCO 1) You and your colleagues teach different sections of the same course. Someone suggested, “I think we all need to agree on a common grading rubric for this paper.” What should be your response?  “I like this idea because everyone having the same expectations is more valid.”  “I don’t think we should do this because we have academic freedom.”  “But what if we each have different expectations for the paper?”  “I’m thinking of an entirely different assignment for this unit, and I don’t want to require a paper.”Question 5 (TCO 3) The alpha reliability of your most recent exam was 0.31. What is your conclusion?  The test should be revised based on an evaluation of test items.  Nothing needs to be done about this exam because the alpha reliability was 0.31.  The test should be revised because the score is higher than it should be.  This score is adequate, and it shows that the questions on the exam are related Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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