Differentiate normal and abnormal findings

NR509 Advanced Physical Assessment Week 6 Assignment Alternative Writing Assignment Purpose The Alternative Writing Assignment mirrors the discussion content of Debriefing and will allow the student to expand their knowledge of physical health assessment principles specific to the advanced practice role. Activity Learning Outcomes Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: Identify and articulate advanced assessment health history and physical examination techniques which are relevant to a focused body system (CO 1)Differentiate normal and abnormal findings with regard to a disease or condition that impacts the body system (CO 2) Adapt advanced assessment skills if necessary to suit the needs of specific patient populations (CO 4)Due Date: The alternative writing assignment is due no later than the Sunday 11:59 PM MT of the week in which the student did not attend the weekly debriefing session. For example, if you did not attend a debriefing session for Week 3, the written assignment is due the Sunday at the end of Week 4.Students are expected to submit assignments by the time they are due. Assignments submitted after the due date and time will receive a deduction of 10% of the total points possible for that assignment for each day the assignment is late. Assignments will be accepted, with penalty as described, up to a maximum of three days late, after which point a zero will be recorded for the assignment.  Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.org/

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