Describes how prior knowledge has contributed to your understanding of public health and public health practice.

Professional Development It is important for a public health professional to show evidence of professional development over time. The professional portfolio is one way to collect and showcase achievements and artifacts or evidence of accomplishments. 1. Describe how you can apply theory and/or knowledge from your public health experience into practice while working in a nursing health care facility (provide specific examples).2. What are the most important things you can learn from a nursing health care facility experience and how will you apply them to your public health career?3. How has this experience helped develop professionalism skills, such as networking, team building, communication, and professional competencies in public health? What leadership qualities do you possess and how do you envision applying them to your public health career?4. Articulate a personal mission, a set of core values, and vision regarding your role in public health. How will your core values help guide your ethical decision making in public health?5. Include two or three scholarly sources to support your narrative. RUBRIC:1. Application of Theory or Knowledge to Practice: Convincing reflective paper that expertly describes the application of theory or knowledge during the practicum experience. In-depth details are present, reflecting the integration of knowledge and skills gained through the practicum experience. Citations are used skillfully to support the narrative (three or more sources).2. Evaluation of Learning and Professional Skill Development: Expertly describes how prior knowledge has contributed to your understanding of public health and public health practice. Thoughtfully analyzes important items learned and professional skills gained from the job experience.3. Mission, Core Values, Vision Mission statement describes in-depth aspirations, characteristics, and guiding principles for public health. Clearly describes core values with a well-crafted description of their application to ethical decision making. High level of thought  was used in defining a public health vision, which demonstrates both a depth and breadth of knowledge.   Purchase this Tutorial.

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