Describe and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current practice.

DNP8010 Management in Advanced Contemporary Nursing Unit 7 Assignment  Needs Assessment and Quality Improvement Plan For this assignment, for the organization you have selected for your assignments, you will describe a problem or area for improvement, conduct a needs assessment, and select a quality improvement model for developing a quality improvement plan. The needs assessment is the first step in the planning process for a quality improvement process. Although you may know what problem you want to address in your project, you must objectively evaluate the need or gap in practice with a needs assessment. A needs assessment is the process for addressing the gaps in current practices from the desired states of practice. When deficiency in practice is identified, it has to be measured. Determining the quality improvement model to address your question or problem will also facilitate the choice of tools to use. It is best to select a Quality Improvement (QI) methodology or change theory or framework that best fits the organizational culture to meet the goals of the proposed QI Plan. Once you select the tool that you will apply to your question, follow the prescribed steps to use it and discuss the process and results in your paper. Assignment Instructions Description of Problem Describe the problem or area for improvement you identified. In your description, include: Organizational, population, fiscal, and political contexts. Current systems: informal and formal power structures. Stakeholders and accountability. Needs Assessment After you have selected your methodology or framework, select tools associated with your chosen model to: Identify the objectives and scope of your needs assessment and quality improvement plan. Describe and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current practice. Discuss the gaps and need for change. Discuss the potential issues, premises, and constraints related to the project. The ARHQ Assessing Pressure Ulcer Policies provides an example of a needs assessment for preventing pressure ulcers in hospitals. On the same webpage, the left side navigation bar lists several additional examples. Some of these examples illustrate the concepts of this course and can be used to model your own projects. Quality Improvement Plan Identify the quality improvement model you have selected based on your needs assessment. Use tools associated with your chosen model to: Select a QI methodology and change theory or framework that best fits the organizational culture to meet the goals of the proposed QI plan. Discuss how the organizational culture will help or challenge the QI improvement project including informal and formal power structures and how leadership can affect this. Create a quality improvement plan to address the problem or gap identified by the needs assessment. Seek and incorporate feedback from the key stakeholders regarding the results of the needs assessment and recommended next steps in your quality improvement plan. Sections of Your Paper Your paper must include all of the following sections: Title page In the body, include the following sections: Introduction. Description of the problem. Needs assessment. Quality Improvement Plan using the framework you have chosen. Concluding Summary: Summarize and synthesize the needs assessment, feedback from stakeholders, and proposed QI plan into a concluding summary. Clearly incorporate the evidence to support the proposed change and the proposed quality improvement plan. References page: Make sure references and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines. Note: This paper builds on but does not repeat the balanced scorecard or strategic plan. Purchase this Tutorial.

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