Describe a time in which you were in a situation that violated this rule.

NURS3375 Health Policy & Legal Aspects Module 2 Assignment  Standards of Nursing Practice In this Module 2 assignment, you will review your own understanding of standards of nursing practice and their applications to nursing.  The nurse must comprehend the minimum acceptable level of practice that is expected of them. Then, you will know if a rule or standard is being violated. Refer to your course readings and lectures as you complete the assignment. The Standards of Practice Rule 217.11 can be found here- Objectives: •    Understand the TX BON Rule 217.11 Standards of Nursing Practice • Apply basic knowledge to practice •   Awareness of nursing actions that fail to meet the rule Part 1TX BON Rule 217.11, Standards of Nursing Practice, is what the BON expects of you as a practicing nurse.  Define TX BON rule 217.11 in your own words. Why is this important? Write 4 professionally written sentences for full credit. Part 2Patient safety is always our number one priority. A nurse has a duty to the patient to ensure safety. The “most important” actions a nurse can take is to follow the Rule 217.11 (1) (T) which- “holds the nurse accountable to accept only those assignments that are within the nurse’s educational preparation, experience, knowledge, and physical and emotional ability.”  Now that you are familiar with this rule, describe a time in which you were in a situation that violated this rule. What would you do if you were placed in those circumstances again? Write 4 professionally written sentences for full credit.Part 3Fill in the blanksComplete the following fill in the blank sentences from your Module 2 Chapter 15 reading requirement. Each answer is worth 5 points.1). Law and nursing are both professions devoted to helping patients/clients and society by advocating for ______________ improvements and justice.2). The nurse has a _____________ to practice competently and to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for lawful, safe, and effective practice.3). Informed consent cases are a type of _____________ suit.4). In terms of accountability, nurses must take responsibility for their actions and the actions of others involved in the _____________ process. Purchase this Tutorial.

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