Compare and contrast disease

Compare and contrast disease, chronic disease, condition and syndrome. Assignment: Description: The terms disease, chronic disease, condition and syndrome are used almost as passing language in a medical context. However, there are distinct differences between the terms. In an effort to distinguish these terms from one another, please craft an essay illuminating what determines the difference between a disease, a chronic disease, a condition and a syndrome. Offer an example of a chronic disease and a condition from the diseases and conditions provided in the course text. Finally, when reviewing the diseases and conditions in the text, categorize which you believe is a chronic disease and which you believe is a condition at the end of your essay (a simple list or chart will suffice).———————————–  YOU SHOULD FOLLOW : APA 6 formatting guidelines for in text citation and references. This paper should be between 600 and 800 words in length (not including references) and contain at minimum 3 references used in support of the points made.  Please double space, use 12 pt. font size and 1 inch margins for this assignment.Prior to crafting your Comparison Paper, I HIGHLY encourage you to review the attached guidelines, review the example offered in the ‘Examples’ content area to the left and review the Comparison Paper Rubric. Get your ducks in a row before you begin chopping wood on this assignment.  For all Comparison Papers, you will be assessed on your identification of the purpose of the subject of the comparison, the supporting details you offer, the organization of your work, the transitions you create and your grammar. Purchase this Tutorial.

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