Briefly describe the organization you selected.

DNP8010 Management in Advanced Contemporary Nursing Unit 4 Assignment  Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Plan For this assignment, you will write a paper in which you present a balanced scorecard and strategic plan for the health care organization for which you have been developing a presentation. See the second Study in Unit 3 where you began work on your presentation for more information about balanced scorecards. Your balanced scorecard should include priorities for each of the four categories or domains and should include key performance indicators (KPI’s). You will recall that the four categories or domains are: Financial performance measures. Internal business processes. Learning and growth. Customer satisfaction. In your paper: Briefly describe the organization you selected. Discuss the findings of the balanced scorecard and provide an analysis of the organization based on the scorecard findings, and include how vision and strategy connect to the four balanced scorecard categories or domains. Select one area for improvement based on your findings and analysis of the organization. Briefly outline a strategic plan to address the identified need for improvement. In your plan include the following components: Goal or goals – limit goals to no more than two. Strategies to reach the goals that address key issues identified. Appropriateness of strategy. Feasibility of strategy. Cost-benefit analysis. Timing.  Purchase this Tutorial.

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